Funeral in Germany ends on a high as restaurant accidentally served hash cake cannabis

29 Oct 2019 | by Diana Kendall

The last thing that a group of mourners in eastern Germany have anticipated was that attending a funeral is to end the day on a high, not emotional, but rather the kind of high felt when you’ve eaten one too many space cakes – as that’s exactly what the guests were served instead of run-of-the-mill chocolate cake they’d ordered.

Funeral in Germany ends on a high as restaurant accidentally served hash cake cannabis

Those who consumed the baked goods experienced an involuntary drug high, resulting in many of them being taken to the hospital and a police investigation being launched.

As reported by The Guardian, Rostock police said earlier today - October 29 - that after the burial in Wiethagen, the funeral party went to a restaurant to eat coffee and cake – as is customary in Germany.

However, it soon became clear that the cake served – despite being advertised as an ordinary dessert – was anything but ordinary, with 13 people who experienced nausea and dizziness needing medical treatment shortly after they’d eaten the dish.

A police investigation revealed that the restaurant employee who was in charge of preparing the cakes had asked her 18-year-old daughter to bake them this one time.

It’s believed the daughter baked two separate cakes – one for her own personal use – and her mother accidentally took the wrong cake from the freezer to the funeral. Instead of the cake intended for the funeral, she took the hash cake made for a different occasion.

The incident has only just come to light now, despite occurring in August, out of respect for the mourners. Police confirmed the 18-year-old woman was currently under investigation.

Space cakes contain marijuana, although they cause a different kind of high to smoking a joint – with the high taking much longer to kick in. Despite this, the high lasts much longer and is usually a lot more intense.