Family accidentally texts baby news to strangers and they turn up to visit

19 Aug 2019 | by Diana Kendall

A woman who accidentally text a stranger about a birth in their family was shocked when the man she texted actually turned up at the hospital with presents to celebrate with them.

Family accidentally texts baby news to strangers and they turn up to visit

New parents Lindsey and Mark Lashley welcomed baby Cason Knox into the family on Saturday, August 17, in Bainbridge hospital in Georgia, and were expecting a couple of family members to stop by and visit their little bundle of joy.

However, what they couldn’t have expected was a total stranger to turn up with presents – after Mark’s mother Teresa had accidentally sent a number of texts to them, updating them on Cason Knox’s progress throughout the night.

Although Teresa believed she was sending the texts to family members in a group message, she was also sending them to 21-year-old Dennis Williams.

Even when Dennis informed Teresa she had made a mistake, writing: ‘congrats lol but I think someone got the wrong number,’ the new grandmother continued to send updates. In fact, she went on to agree to a hospital visit, telling him the family’s room number.

The 21-year-old, from Tallahassee, Florida, kept his promise and arrived at the hospital alongside his brother Deorick with presents for the new mum and her baby. How did they introduce themselves? By saying they were ‘the ones who got the random text message’. Incredible.

Mark, a 27-year-old agriculture education worker, explained to Daily Mail Online at the time that his mum didn’t realise she was inviting a stranger to the room where he and his wife Lindsey, a paraprofessional educator, had just welcomed their baby boy.

He said: ”It was different, I mean my friend just walked in and said: ‘There are some more people coming down the hallway,’ and we didn’t know who they were and they said, ‘Oh we’re the ones who got the random text message.’

The reason it happened was my cousin had a new phone and I guess those boys ended up with her old number. She [Teresa] thought she was still talking to my cousin, that’s who she thought she was talking to.

I don’t think we would have randomly invited them over but we appreciate it and the gifts. You don’t hear about much compassion in the news anymore.

Teresa later thanked the surprise visitors on social media, calling the two men ‘sweet’ and ‘kind’ before saying they were a ‘blessing’ to the family.

The excited grandma ended the heartfelt message by saying she was praying for the two brothers, who she said were ‘great guys’.

Congratulations to the happy couple and hats off to Dennis and Deorick for their selfless act of kindness.