Woman's heartwarming gesture for cold, stray dog - video

01 Feb 2019 | by Danielle Hastings

CCTV captured the woman hoisting up her umbrella to fend herself from the rain. That was when she stumbled across the black and white dog curled up asleep.

Woman's heartwarming gesture for cold, stray dog - video

Initially, she stood for a few seconds debating what her next steps would be as others walked past without even noticing the poor pooch.

Soon enough she removes her scarf before laying her umbrella on the floor and draping the garment over the dog, who wakes up for a brief moment.

Speaking to The Dodo, the woman explained that she was more concerned about the stray dog that lay outside in the cold, then expecting any praise - which makes it all the more beautiful.

"I couldn't imagine that my actions would receive this attention. I'm very surprised about it. The weather was so cold. I just couldn't take it when I saw him shivering.", she said.

With these gestures a little bit of our faith in humanity has been well and truly restored.