Army vet, 97, and woman he fell in love with during war, meet again after 75 years - video

13 Iun 2019 | by Alexandra Allerton

A Second World War American veteran has reunited with his long lost French sweetheart, 75 years after they first met in her hometown.

Army vet, 97, and woman he fell in love with during war, meet again after 75 years - video

KT Robbins, 97, first met 18-year-old Jeannine Pierson (formerly Ganaye) after asking her mother to help him with his washing while he was stationed in Briey in 1944.

The then-24-year-old fell passionately in love with Jeannine, now 92, although they were torn apart when Robbins was sent to the Eastern Front.

Jeannine said she wept when Robbins left and even learnt some basic English in the hope that he would return, but the veteran moved back to America after the war.

But Robbins never forgot about his sweetheart and held onto her picture for 75 years.

The pair met once again when Robbins travelled back to France to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Journalists managed to track down his former lover after he showed them her picture, leading to an emotional reunion during which they shared a tender kiss.

The veteran told French TV channel  France 2 : "I told her maybe I'll come back and take you, but it did not happen like that."

Jeannine said: "I always loved you. You never got out of my heart.

"When he left in the truck I cried, of course, I was very sad. I wish, after the war, he hadn't returned to America."

Robbins and Jeannine found new partners and got married after the war, however their spouses have now both passed away.

After a few hours Robbins had to leave, to take part in a commemoration event, however he promised that they would meet again.

As they parted, the veteran said: “Jeannine, I love you girl.”

Document - Ils se sont rencontrés en 1944 puis la guerre les a séparés.
75 ans après, ce vétéran américain franchit à nouveau l'Atlantique pour retrouver son amour de jeunesse en France. Leur tendresse et émotion sont intactes.

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