‘Radical Remainer’ breaks through security and hit Farage with milkshake – video

20 Mai 2019 | by Alexandra Allerton

Nigel Farage, The Brexit Party leader, was visiting Newcastle ahead of the European elections on Thursday.

‘Radical Remainer’ breaks through security and hit Farage with milkshake – video

Within a split second, the high-spirited campaign trail around the centre of the northeastern city dissolves into chaos as a man waits patiently for the Brexit Party leader to approach before running up to him and dousing the Brexiteer in the sugary concoction.

Even Farage was surrounded by security and activists at the time but a protester still managed to get close enough to hurl the milkshake near Grey’s Monument in the city centre..

Mr Farage becomes visibly agitated as soon as the incident occurs as security quickly removes the perpetrator from the scene.

Mr Farage can be seen lambasting either his security or local police as he is escorted to his car, calling them a “complete failure” who could have “spotted that a mile away” - his dark suit dripping all the while.

On the long walk back to the car Mr Farage was hounded by onlookers shrieking with laughter.

Later, Mr Farage tweeted about the incident: “Sadly some remainers have become radicalised, to the extent that normal campaigning is becoming impossible.

“For a civilised democracy to work you need the losers consent, politicians not accepting the referendum result have led us to this.”

Shortly after the incident, a Twitter account called 'TheMadBrewer' took responsibility, tweeting a photo of the as-yet unthrown milkshake with the caption "I’d got my milkshake and coincidentally there’s a Brexit Party march...."