Shop owner travels 530 miles to payback a bad review

02 Noi 2019 | by Danielle Hastings

A shop owner took it upon himself to travel 530 miles to beat up a woman who’d left him a bad review online, leaving her needing hospital treatment.

Shop owner travels 530 miles to payback a bad review

The young woman named as Xiao Li had ordered clothes online but complained on an internet marketplace called Taobao when her items were four days late.

The seller, named only as Zhang was left furious at his lowered rating and threatened to kill Xiao.

Xiao is later seen on a security camera in the city of Zhengzhou in eastern China’s Henan Province as she waited at a delivery spot for clothes she had ordered.

But CCTV caught Zhang suddenly appearing and launching a sickening attack on Xiao as she looks at her phone.

He viciously kicked and slapped Xiao repeatedly, causing her to stumble and fall, at which point he storms off.

According to reports, Xiao was taken to hospital, where she was treated for injuries including concussion.

Even while she was lying in the hospital bed, she received another message from Zhang saying he had travelled all night from Suzhou – more than 500 miles away – so he could ‘teach her a lesson’.

Zhang also warned Xiao he could ‘attack her again’.

Police wouldn’t comment on the attack but they confirmed officers were investigating.

Also, last September, a husband was beaten nearly to death in his home in Changsha by a group of thugs after his wife left a bad restaurant review online.

Afterwards, the restaurant owner told police he was concerned the review would hurt his eatery’s fine reputation.

The following month, a delivery man beat a woman bloody on the street in Hainan, worried that she would write a bad review about him after he failed to deliver her food on time.