Glimpse of hope. Sunset forms the shape of Australia glowing through a gap in the clouds

07 Apr 2020 | by Tiffany Davenport

Santino Ruisi, 40, was camping in the backyard with his three sons, aged 12, seven and five, in Edensor Park, in Sydney's west, when they spotted the rays forming an unmistakable shape.   

Glimpse of hope. Sunset forms the shape of Australia glowing through a gap in the clouds

'My son said "Dad, look up" and my initial reaction was to take my phone out as quickly as I could and then it was gone,' Mr Ruisi told Daily Mail Australia.   

Mr Ruisi, who runs an Italian biscuit company, said that he 'happened to be at the right place at the right time.'  

The images revealed a glowing silhouette of Australia that hung just above the suburban homes in the distance. 

'The rays were going right across the sky. Me and my three kids thought it was incredible,' he said.

Mr Ruisi explained: 'I wish I could have captured it three or five seconds earlier so I could have shown that there was also a glowing ball for Tasmania.'  

'By the time I got my phone out it had gone away. It changed so fast, it all unfolded over 10 seconds and within a split second it was gone,' he said.      

He said that the images, posted to his personal Facebook page, had prompted an overwhelming reaction. 

'The rays were captivating, the glow was mesmerising, A glimpse of hope among troubled times,' he wrote in his post.

Mr Ruisi said: 'The response has been incredible and it's touched so many people in so many different ways.'

'I've received hundreds of messaged of people thanking me for sharing it, it's been really nice to be part of that,' he explained.    

Mr Ruisi said that the images had ultimately 'brought together many beliefs and understandings. The beauty of clouds can be interpreted in so many different ways'. 

'I see it as an image that everyone could draw what they were lacking and what they needed from, be it spiritual, nature, nice colours or a feel-good story,' he explained.   

Mr Ruisi thought that people were ultimately brought together by 'the pride of seeing our map glow in the sky.'

'In that moment you think "Y'know what, I'm proud to be Australian",' he said.