Donald Trump baby blimp stabbed by Tommy Robinson supporter

05 Iun 2019 | by Diana Kendall

Donald Trump baby blimp was stabbed to death yesterday by a woman saying it was a birthday present to herself

Donald Trump baby blimp stabbed by Tommy Robinson supporter

Hopes are fading for the future of the inflatable Donald Trump baby blimp after it was slashed in Parliament Square by pro-President protesters yesterday.

The 20ft blimp was allegedly stabbed by a Tommy Robinson supporter who live-streamed herself on Periscope as she took a knife to it. She was then arrested by police for possession of a sharp weapon while operators of the blimp gathered round the popped balloon.

Police confirmed that they took the woman into custody at 5pm and she has since been identified as Amy Beth Dallamura. She said it was a birthday present to herself.

She has previously been spotted at Tommy Robinson rallies and uses the handle

The blimp floated above around 30,000 protesters yesterday during Trump’s UK state visit – a much smaller crowd than the 240,000 that had been expected to attend.

The baby blimp could float up to 100ft in the air and permission was granted for them to fly it subject to conditions over timings and height restrictions.

It first appeared during Trump’s visit last July and this year the Trump Baby team secured £50,000 to support groups focused on tackling social issues.

The blimp had been due to appear at Trump’s next stop in Ireland, but it is not known if it will be able to do so because of the damage it suffered.

Mr Trump’s press conference at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office also saw him dismiss protests during his visit as ‘fake news’. He said: ‘We left the Prime Minister, the Queen, the royal family, there were thousands of people on the streets cheering.