Turkish man rescued a swan 37 years ago, their friendship is still going strong

20 Feb 2021 | by Anda Bann

Recep Mirzan is a retired postman from Turkey,  is well-known for his unusual friendship with a bird he rescued 37 years ago.

Turkish man rescued a swan 37 years ago, their friendship is still going strong

Mirzan rescued Garip, a female swan, 37 years ago in Turkey's western Edirne province. Believe it or not, their friendship has endured nearly four decades and is still going strong.

The average lifespan of a swan is just 12 years. But they can live up to 30 years in protected environments. This means Garip is a very special bird. 

Mirzan first saw the Garip while taking a shortcut in a car with his friends. The bird was lying in an empty field with a broken wing, according to an Associated Press report.

Without wasting any time, Mirzan took the bird inside his car to protect her from predators. Later, he took the bird home for further care and medical treatment.

Garip's broken wing healed in a few days. She started living on Mirzan's farm and even befriended other pets in the area.

It’s been over 37 years and Garip is still been living on Mirzan's farm in the Karaagac region that borders Greece.

Their friendship is indeed special because it has not only stood the test of time but has become even more adorable over the years.

Garip can be seen following Mirzan to his chores around the farm. She also gives him company during evening walks.

“Since I love animals, I said to myself that I should take her home instead of leaving her as prey to foxes. We got used to each other. We never separated," Mirzan told AP.

Mirzan, who is a 63-year-old widower, says he considers Garip as his own child because she has always been loyal to him.

Incredibly, she has never tried to run away from the farm despite being out of her pen most of the time.