Killing Eve. Villanelle's scene that almost killed actress Jodie Comer - video

17 Mai 2019 | by Danielle Hastings

Villanelle is somekind of charming, disturbing psychopath who lives dangerously on Killing Eve, is now entangling herself in the web of another alarming psychopath, a stone-faced tech mogul, murder suspect, and all-around creep Aaron Peel.

Killing Eve. Villanelle's scene that almost killed actress Jodie Comer - video

The penultimate episode of BBC America’s spy thriller will reveal what happens when petulant assassin extraordinaire Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and instinctual MI6 operative Eve (Sandra Oh) try to advance their mission to find out exactly what Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) is selling, and to whom.

Last seen antagonizing Villanelle — and receiving a slap across the face for it — Peele seems intrigued with Billie, er Villanelle. And there will be another chance at forging this connection. He has rented out an entire restaurant, and is serving her a special pasta dish, and these carbs almost claimed Comer in real life.

”Villanelle has to eat pasta in “a very grotesque way. She’s trying to prove a point about something. She’s playing it up, being her usual childish self, and the pasta was extremely dry. And it was extremely thick. I was shoveling it in, and then it just shot down my throat and then

I was full-on choking. They must have it on camera — a medic came in and managed to get it out, but my life definitely flashed before me…. I just remember being opposite the other actor and looking at him, and he thought I was making a weird acting choice. So yeah, it’s ruined pasta for me completely.”,  Comer told EW.

As Comer’s brother told her: “Of all the things that could have killed Villanelle, it was a mouthful of pasta.’”