Stephen King admits Netflix's Marianne scares him

28 Sep 2019 | by Danielle Hastings

So, if you're one of the many people who've been left feeling terrified after tuning in to new Netflix series Marianne, you can now take solace in the fact that even horror maestro Stephen King is finding it hard to handle.

Stephen King admits Netflix's Marianne scares him

The horror show's eight episodes dropped a couple of weeks ago,on Friday 13, naturally, and in the short time it's been out, the programme has been busy freaking out the entire internet.

It tells the story of a young writer named Emma (played by Victoire Du Bois), whose recurring nightmare of an evil witch is used as inspiration for her books.

However, when Emma is drawn back to her hometown, she quickly learns that the titular spirit has entered the real world and is wreaking havoc among the locals - which, as you'd imagine, isn't great news.

IT author Stephen King has praised the series, saying it works perfectly for anyone who likes a good fright-fest every now and again.

He tweeted: "If you're one of those sickos - like me - who enjoys being scared, MARIANNE (Netflix) will do the job."

King also compared the show to the likes of 80s sci-fi horror hit Stranger Things and, well, himself, adding: "There are glints of humor that give it a STRANGER THINGS vibe. It also has (I say it with all due modesty) a Stephen King vibe."

A bit of shameless self-promotion? I like it.

Another viewer tweeted: "#Marianne on Netflix is on a whole other level. Everything about the show is so damn good. The storyline, the videography, the cast, everything. Kinda has the same touch as Haunting of Hill House."

But regardless of what it reminds you of, the general consensus is a positive one, as the show currently has an impressive rating of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.